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May 13, 2023
"That is a scam"
I've just learned my son's account was banned permanently without any warnings. He tryied to communicate with support but they havn't provided the cause description being refer to license agreement. So, technicaly you can be banned just because they want without an ability to appeal. And the game even is not officially released so far! That is a scam and russian terrorism support.
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May 08, 2023
"Devs dont care about their own game"
Devs dont care about their own game. Full of cheaters, bugs, issues. If they would play it themselves or read reviews something would happen.
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May 08, 2023
"escape from tarkov is full of cheater, devs dont care"
escape from tarkov is full of cheater, bugs and really bad servers/hitreg. most of the changes they made to limit rmt made the cheating even worse. even after a content-creator showed how bad the cheating-issue is - they still havent done anything to get controll on it. at this point i have no doubt that they make money from cheater and them rebuying accounts. every ban-wave is a sale following - buy 5 accounts and get a discount, like what a scammy company... the worst
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May 08, 2023
"As Someone who's played for 7k Hours, AVOID this Company"
As a person who has owned Escape From Tarkov for 3.5 Years with 7000+ Hours of game experience put in. I'd confidently say that BattleStateGames do NOT listen to their player base with anything, The game is infested with people using cheats, ( Wall hacks, Radar, Aimbot loot esp etc) and to put salt in the wound even more, the developers centre the game around them. Restricting what you can and cannot do with dropping and sharing items with your friends.
AVOID this Company within a 900-mile radius. They break promise after promise every Year about the little drip-fed news they give the player base every 6 months. And hope that people forget so that they can delay it even more.
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April 13, 2023
"The fact that certain items only spawn on the cheaters playground."
The fact that certain items only spawn on certain maps helps cheaters and makes legit players suffer. I need to play labs to progress in the story/missions. All cheaters play it for the same reason to sell the items to buyers. If I could get those items on any map in the game would help so much. Not sure why this is still in the game it's honestly shocking. Just played 8 labs games in a row labs cards are 166k RUB, was killed by blatant cheaters and none will be banned 1000%. They added a feature where we can see bans its been over a week I and hundreds have not seen a single ban from all of our reports there are not even images of what it looks like. It's so gross, not sure who runs this company but they seem to not understand the game and meta. It's just shocking DON'T MAKE US PLAY Lighthouse/labs AKA the cheater's playground to advance in the game it's so disgusting you're legit pushing these people to give up and cheat which empowers the cheaters even more.
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April 12, 2023
"Dont buy anything."
This game i full of cheaters, bugs, glithes. The quests is gonna get harder....Im done, for 4 years with this game, i cant anymore, i dont even enjoy it. I had 3-4 friends, they stopped aswell because of the same issues. Bye never see you again.
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April 02, 2023
"read all the one star reviews they…"
read all the one star reviews they arent wrong, they been calling this a beta for years when in reality its still an alpha that has more bugs than star citizen. they made like 14+million and took 10 million out for their own bank account they are just scamming people to take your money with bare minimum input/development just add a gun in here and there but other than that its a mess. ive shot people in the head and they still alive (they have no helmet and blood mark where the bullet went in) realistic my ass
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March 31, 2023
"BSG is a Joke"
BSG is a joke. I've been playing Tarkov off and on since the beginning and the situation has only gotten worse as the YEARS (Almost a decade long Beta...) have gone on. Cheating is at an all time high and BSG has yet to implement a single proactive measure to combat it. The game is and always has been a mess with a trickle of band aid patches to "fix" one thing and break another.

The sad reality is that EFT is an incredibly special project that deserved so much more than BSG ever could have offered. They're way in over their head and now completely blinded by the money.

If you're on the fence about picking up Tarkov - don't. Wait until a competent dev team comes along with an alternative that's worth your time. Tarkov certainly isn't.
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March 16, 2023
"Escape from Tarkov is scam"
Escape from Tarkov is scam! Dont buy this game. I pay over 100€ for this. my account is hacked and the Battlestate support say its my problem. so let me tell you invest your money in a legid company.

Ah and BattlestateGames, thank´s for nothing!
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March 14, 2023
"EFT Lag issues"
Every wipe on Escape From tarkov you never know what bug or issue is going to occur this wipe the biggest issue is Lag and Desync. It's get's annoying when some days your game runs like butter and you don't know if it will be the same story the next day. It's not fair that I don't even have a chance to fight back when I get shot this ruins the game for me and I know that there are many other people in the same boat. There has to be something that BSG developers can do about this crap. PLEASE this game itself is amazing I just wish that yall would fix this.
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March 11, 2023
"Riddled with cheaters."
After playing this some time now, I'm sorry to say its not worth the money. The game itself is insanely good. Graphics, sounds, weapon mods, health system, control over your character is the best I have experienced in any FPS. Valuing your life in game is very rewarding. But there is a major problem with the game. It is riddled with cheaters. And it makes the game totally unplayable. So in its current state, its not recommended.
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March 10, 2023
"According to Section 6"
According to Section 6. Paragraph 6.1.4. of the current Licence Agreement, Battlestate Games Limited has the right:
6.1.4. To restrict or terminate the User’s access to the Game on the conditions hereof, including if the User violates the terms of this Agreement or the Key Documents. In exercising this right, Battlestate Games Limited is not required to provide the User with evidence of the breach by the User of the terms of the Agreement resulting in the User’s access being terminated or restricted.
Remember that your account security is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for the access loss by users, as well as, we cannot help if you were banned as a result of account theft.

Respectfully yours, the Escape from Tarkov support service.

is the response i recieved. But I did not violate any terms of service and there was no legitimate reason for my to be banned/my account terminated.
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March 01, 2023
Scam, pure and simple. $45 worth of garbage that only "runs" on NASA pc's, but has a server infrastructure that runs on vodka and burnt donkey dung (eg : pvp matches : UNPLAYABLE).
Cue times so long you can make waffle batter, let it rest, and cook them before you can play.
Cheating EVERYWHERE, outdated performances and graphics.
No refunds, no b*tch*ng possible.
You thought the moba community was toxic ? Lol, check this one out.
Absolute scam, no other words to define this. As in "try it for 45 mns and get angry at not being able to get your money back".
Buyers, get ready for severe butt stings, and getting insulted in russian, cyka !
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February 24, 2023
"Do not invest in this company"
So today I tried to upgrade my game for more inventory slots, paid, got the confirmation from the bank and nothing has changed. more than 10 hours passed already, so I was left without the money and without the promised upgraded game. Avoid this company, if you do not receive an upgrade after purchase - pursue a dispute with your bank, or paypal. Support is unresponsive, ticket 21206952 is left without a reply.

edit: it is february 26th and I still got no upgrade. nobody replied to my ticket as well
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February 23, 2023
"Russian rip off!!!!"
Russian rip off!!!!

The game is only there to suck the money out of unsuspecting people completely wrongly.
Please stop supporting Russia financially, you will be seriously fooled by bsg

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